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Parrott Equine Associates, LLC, strives to provide the highest quality of care to our equine patients. In continuing with this mission, we are excited to offer horse owners a new option to help provide the best care for their equine companions at a discounted price. The Wellness Packages provide all of the basic preventative care we recommend to help keep your horse healthy and happy. Our Wellness Packages guarantee your horse will have everything it needs each year. We will manage the health care so you can spend more time enjoying your horse! Select a package below to start learning which package is right for your equine companion.  
2018 Wellness Packages
The Performance Package 

Designed for the active performance horse, the Performance Package is ideal for keeping your equine athlete in top health, especially those that are actively competing or traveling. Offering the biggest savings of all the packages, we include routine bloodwork and an annual examination to make sure your horse is in the best condition prior to and during the competition season. Never worry about vaccinations being up to date or an expired Coggins, the Performance Package will have you covered for the entire year!
These horses are the perfect mixture between The Backyard Buddy and The Performance Package. From trail rides to small horse shows, you still enjoy getting out and traveling with your horse. With travel comes new risks to your horse, so the Weekend Warrior package includes the necessary vaccinations to cover your equine if he will have occasional exposure to new territory.
If your horse, donkey, mini, or pony enjoys a more relaxed lifestyle, then The Backyard Buddy Package is the best pick for you! This package is designed for those equines that never leave the property and rarely see new companions. The Backyard Buddy package includes the necessary vaccinations to keep your equine friend safe and happy throughout the year, even during the mosquito season. 

Package Details
  • Payment in full is required at the time of enrollment. 
  • Services must be rendered within twelve months of the initial package purchase. 
  • All appointments are scheduled according to geographic location; however, every attempt is made to accommodate client schedules. 
  • Additional discounts will be given for 3 or more horses enrolled by the same owner, please contact the office for details. 
  • Any add-on services must be added at the time of the initial package purchase.
  • Any horse not previously vaccinated will require additional boosters at separate visits which are not included in the wellness packages.
  • No refunds or substitutions for unused services. 
  • The Performance Package contains the following blood tests: one Lyme Disease Blood Test, one Complete Blood Count, and one Chemistry Profile. Additional bloodwork testing is not included in the package.
  • Our annual examination does not include extensive system examinations.